This season’s menu.

People and food are connected to seasons. And each season brings something new to life. Our menu changes with the rhythms of the year to ensure that we can make everything from scratch and to put the bounty of every season on display.

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Rougie Farms Seared Foie Gras

brioche | flathead cherries | cherry cola | meyer lemon preserves | foie jus


Wagyu Beef Tartare (df)

smoked steelhead roe | pickled mustard seeds | kimchi | farm egg | shiso | potato chips


Roasted Bone Marrow (df)

chimichurri | black garlic | pickled ramps | grilled sourdough


Montana Beef Gyoza (gf, df)

fried shiso | green onion | pickled fresno peppers | fish sauce caramel | jus


Charred Baby Turnips (gf, v)

ghee poached radishes | salsa roja | lemongrass sabayon | cilantro


Choice of Cheese Boards (with house made crackers)

**Amaltheia Farm Goat Cheese | kumquat marmalade | local honeycomb | fennel pollen | roasted almonds

**Bitterroot Brie | strawberry preserves | pickled rhubarb | chocolate ganache | roasted pistachios

$17 each


Tomato (gf, v)

burrata | charred miso butter | pluot | furikake | white balsamic | chive oil


Cucumber Salad (gf)

smoked trout mousse | compressed melon | celery | yuzu vinaigrette | cilantro | candied lemon zest


Beet Salad

pickled strawberries | sunflower seed dukkah | local feta | charred beef powder | dill | barrel aged sherry



Iberico Pork Chop (gf)

sweet corn succotash | chipotle peach bbq | whiskey barrel aged fish sauce | red shiso | mustard seed jus


Seared Petite Tender (gf)

mushrooms | brown butter pomme puree | baby carrot | confit tomato | nasturtium | jus


Pasta Alla Chitarra

merguez meatballs | white soy beurre blanc | seared prawns | ancho chili marinara | fennel | thai basil


Confit Rabbit (gf)

green lentils | smoked escargot | shishito pepper | red kale chips | oregano | foie jus


Bay Scallops & Lake Trout Mousseline

summer squash | smoked salmon roe | saffron broth | epazote pearls | roasted kohlrabi | chive oil


"Surf and Turf" (v)

tempura fried combs tooth mushrooms | beet dumplings | roasted cauliflower | red seaweed | fresno pepper jam | morel mushrooms

Add on: tempura fried softshell crab $14


Split charge

Split the protein but get your own set of accoutrements!



Angel Food Cake

marzipan ice cream | strawberry fruit leather | cardamom pop rocks


Five Spice Panna Cotta

honey poached peach | coconut caramel | lavender gel


Taste of Montana - 5 Course Tasting Menu (vegetarian option available)

Gone Fishin' (gf)

smoked trout mousse | melons | candied lemon zest | dill

The Cows Came Home (gf, df)

Montana wagyu beef | fried shiso | green onion | pickled fresno pepper | fish sauce caramel

Walk in the Woods (gf, v)

risotto | morel mushroom | fried yarrow | parmesan tuile | basil

ENTREE CHOICE: Flathead Lake Monster (gf)

lake trout mousseline | bay scallops | summer squash | smoked salmon roe | saffron broth | epazote pearls | chive oil

ENTREE CHOICE: Kila, Montana (gf)

Hansen Farms rack of lamb | shitake mushrooms | brown butter pomme puree | baby carrot | confit tomato | jus | nasturtium

August Mountain Air

churros | spruce tip ice cream | huckleberry coulis | pine nut brittle

Meet our vendors.

Partners, allies, trusted friends. These are the people who make this food experience possible. Masters of the land and their trade, their vision for what will be helps craft our seasonal menu and lays a roadmap for quality and excellence.